Lavery Automotive is the Place to Go for Van Rentals in Akron

Lavery Automotive has Akron van rentals covered for shoppers that need an extra vehicle for a short or extended period of time. Shoppers can trust Lavery’s van rentals!

Renting a van shouldn’t be taken likely. Sure, it’s just a van but what happens when it’s halfway to the job site or delivery and breaks down on the side of the road? What happens if it’s poorly maintained and causes an accident? More time lost, more costs and more headache.

At Lavery Automotive, van rentals are taken seriously. Lavery’s stock of fully functional, inspected, road tested and proudly displayed rental vans are good to go. There are no lemon vans or junkers on the lot at Lavery. If a dealership can’t keep their own rental vans in proper condition what does that say about their ability to keep, service and maintain the new and used cars of their customers? Lavery’s wonderful stock of brand new cars should be a good indicator of how they like to do business!

A van rental is a good idea for shoppers looking for a one time use utility vehicle. Anyone who is moving or looking for a way to transport work equipment or supplies should consider Lavery’s Akron van rentals. There’s no reason to dirty up or destroy the family sedan when planting bushes or moving a couch when Lavery is offering such affordable van rentals.

For Akron van rentals, Lavery Automotive is the place to go. They are fully stocked with all sorts of vans. Whether a vehicle is needed for moving or construction (or anything in between) Lavery has it covered. Customers of Lavery Automotive already know it’s a great place to buy a new vehicles or get parts and service.\

Van Rentals in Akron OH Area a Sure Thing with Lavery Automotive

Shoppers looking for Akron van rentals, new and pre-owned car sales or parts, service and maintenance should head to Lavery Automotive. Lavery is a one stop shop for all things automotive. They stock a full range of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC cars, trucks and SUVs.

Lavery Automotive is one of Ohio’s favorite car dealerships. It’s no wonder their van rentals for Akron shoppers are so popular. When customers know and love a business they get all the services they can from them. For Ohio residents, that place is Lavery.

Shoppers seeking Akron van rentals can head to Lavery at 1096 W State Street in Alliance, Ohio. More information on Akron van rentals can be found online at All others questions can be forwarded to the dealership by phone at 330-823-1100. Get to Lavery Automotive today!

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